Retrospective Guide

Spark continuous improvement with retrospectives

Are you certain your team is working in an optimal fashion? Are you continuously learning and improving your way of working?

If this is the case, good for you - Congratulations!

If this is not the case - Welcome to the rest of us!

We are convinced every team holds the keys to their own success. Redmind have created this guide, which will help you unlock the potential within your own organization in order to boost your success.

The retrospective is a powerful yet often underutilized tool that can help your team achieve better results and improve team health.

This guide helps you with:

  • Identifying themes to bring up in your retrospective
  • Ways to prepare for the best possible learning experience
  • Facilitating the retrospective
  • Wrapping it up and turning the discussion into action

Redmind have facilitated countless of retrospectives in a wide range of teams. Ask them for help with setting a good theme for your specific conditions or facilitate it for you if everyone wants to participate 100 % as a team member or even coach you through the entire process.

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