Free Customer Service

Get a free phone number and professional switchboard for your startup

It doesn't matter which mobile operator you have, or how big your company is. Telavox Flow gives you a local phone number for your business, and a switchboard-function forwarding calls to mobile phones - for free - right here through the Hub.

So now you can say bye to handing out your private phone number in a business situation, and instead greet your customers like a pro.

Do it yourself

Download the app Telavox Flow, pick a number, record a welcome message and add your colleagues – if you are not a one-man-band. It doesn't matter which mobile operator they have. Any colleague can answer incoming calls. The more the merrier!

Like a pro

Greet your customers with a customized message. The free local business number with call forwarding to mobile phones makes it easy for any customer to reach your business. Decide when to receive calls, and set the opening hours in the app. You can change the opening hours whenever you want.

Smooth communication

Keep the conversation going with the Flow chat. Share messages and files with colleagues, one on one or in a group. By using profiles you can even let colleagues know if you're in a meeting, out of the office, at yoga or available.


As a Telavox Flow user, you get your very own teleconference service. Invite as many people as you like and start the meeting from your app, wherever you are.

About Telavox

Telavox is a company based in Malmö Sweden. We develop world leading communications platforms with solutions for smart and efficient telephony, PBX, chat and much more. We were cloud-based right from the very beginning, in 2002, and do not need to spend time adapting to the digital changes that we have in fact contributed to creating.

We want you to be able to focus on your passion, goals, staff and customers instead of the communications puzzle. We have therefore replaced the industry's protracted procurement processes, complex integration projects and unnecessary installations with ease of use and a wow experience.