ComplyTo GDPR

Privacy and data protection

Data protection rules apply to all companies. Emails, names, and phone numbers are personal data – also business-related ones!

As a startup, you probably have more interesting things than compliance to look at. Luckily, ComplyTo has made the work to manage the documentation on GDPR/data protection online, easy, and intuitive – allowing you to focus on growing your startup.

You have to consider the following questions when handling personal data:

  • Is your startup on top of the requirements to manage personal data?
  • Do you have privacy policies for all your business processes and persons?
  • Do you have data processor agreements on all your SaaS applications – and do you know what such agreements contain?

ComplyTo gets you started on your GDPR/data protection work as easy as 1-2-3, where you get guided through a mapping of your processes and IT systems. ComplyTo then generates your privacy policies, data processor agreements as well as risks and controls workflows in order to manage and document your work going forward.

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