App Cost Calculator

Estimate the cost of your app idea

It can be difficult to know how to get started if you want to build an app. Not only is it hard to know how to do it – it is even harder to predict how much it will cost. To solve this challenge, the Danish app bureau, Mustache, has built an app estimation tool.

The tool is made for startups and free to use – no need for signing up or providing any personal details. Through the tool you gain access to:

  • A cost estimation of your app project
  • High-level functionality specification
  • An editing tool for adjusting app functionality (so it fits your budget)

It is simple, click through 12 questions and the app cost calculator estimates your final cost straight away.

How does it work?

The tool guides you to make decisions about your next app, thereby helping you to get from having an app idea to launching the perfect app. Even if you are not an app expert, this tool will help you through the process of estimating your app idea with additional information on each question.

In the end, the total app cost along with a detailed overview of functionality choices is shown. Please feel free to play around with the different choices in order to get the perfect match between app functionality and price.

The app estimation tool not only gives you an indication of how much it will cost you to build the perfect app, it also allows you to use the high-level functionality specification to present app functionalities and app costs to your investors and/or your next app partner.